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My name is Dianna! I am a 19 year old studying art in New Orleans. My favorite things are Greek myths, talking about body image and eating disorders, and spray-painting my own t-shirts. One day, I want to be an art therapist. I spend my days as an intern for my university's film program, where I feverishly design posters in the dark.
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Hey dudes! I wanted to make a journal entry, since it's been 3 years since my last one! It felt right. How is everybody? How OLD is everybody now? I feel like I've missed so much - I guess I wasn't here for the My Little Pony takeover on the front page of deviantArt every day. Ha ha!

I dropped off the face of the earth for a few years to finish up high school and go off to college without distracting myself too badly.  I am now about to be a junior at Loyola University, and it has been so great! I am moving into an apartment in Uptown New Orleans with my friend in August, where we will do adult things, like go grocery shopping and have dinner parties.

I've missed being in a place where I can share my art with other artists. I've been majoring in psychology for the past two years and, after many weeks of struggling through Statistics and doodling during Theories of Personality, calling my mom on the phone and crying pathetically about my future, I'm now majoring in art, beginning in August. (It also doesn't help to have a prodigy painter for a younger sister: she is 14 and painted this shit… are you serious what am I supposed to do with myself?!)

How have you all been? Tell me the one way you can tell you've grown up in the past few years. Mine is: I try to write stories and draw things I think I can't. It's better to see what happens!



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